The International Conference

PTaQ Day One is the heart of the local testing community open globally, to bring together people who are passionate about testing.


On Saturday, March 30th, together with the Poznan University of Technology, we organize a conference in the area of testing & quality. We invite you to hear talks and what is even more important, we will give space for what is uncountable, yet still valuable, that is joint conversations, building relationships and sharing knowledge and experiences.


About PTaQ Day One Conference

This story is not unusual, but for us has unique importance.

Eight years ago, we were thinking about doing something for the community in Poznan, but also for ourselves. We wanted to share what we know, we wanted to inspire others to what we are passionate about - to testing and the software quality. This is how the first test meetup was born - PTaQ (Poznań Testing and Quality). Before the first meeting, we were afraid that no-one would show up. We could not imagine that this initiative will grow to the degree that the tickets will be distributed within a few hours after the registration opens, and we will have a full agenda half a year ahead.
From the beginning, we did not want PTaQ to be dependent on one company. We wanted to support each and every person and institution that is willing to share their knowledge. Hence,the unique approach to organizing a meetup at various locations in Poznań companies and universities. During these eight years, as PTaQ we visited almost 20 different places, over 100 practitioners from Poland and abroad shared their experience during almost 60 meetups. When we talk to friends from other cities, we hear that they envy us the local community, its commitment and selfless sharing of knowledge. Based on the popularity of PTaQ and the unique local community, we came up with another idea - the conference.

The Speakers

Tomek Dąbrowski
Tomek Dąbrowski Agile, Product & OKR consultant

OKRs go 'Agile' - 7 steps to a masterpiece

Event Premium
Fernardo Espasiano Test Manager

My Test Journey from Brazil to Poland

Aleksandra Kornecka
Ola Kornecka QA Engineer

W punkcie skupienia

Maciej Laskowski
Maciej Laskowski Principal Software Engineer

JVM applications performance and threading model comparison

Sebastian Małyska
Sebastian Małyska Senior QE & Vice President in the SJSI

Automation of testing - facts and myths

Bruno Mańczak
Bruno Mańczak QA Manager

The psychology of testing or how to gain superpowers thanks to the discoveries of modern psychology.

Anastasia Naboikina
Anastasia Naboikina Senior Software Test Development Engineer

Automating the automation

łukasz Pietrucha
Łukasz Pietrucha QA Director

Business-driven quality excellence. A model for offshore QA delivery.

Paulina Vera Szmidt
Paulina Vera Szmidt Freelancer

Testowanie gier

Radek Smilgin
Radek Smilgin QA & Testing Consultant

Transformacja od formalnego do eksploracyjnego testowania. Moja historia

Milena Sobolewska
Milena Sobolewska QA Lead

How to train your... replacement (even if you’re not leaving)

Leszek Tasiemski
Leszek Tasiemski Vice President, Corporate R&D

Cybersecurity challenges AD 2019

Rainar Ütt
Rainar Ütt Founder and CEO

What are my career options as QA and how to achieve them?

Bartosz Walter
Bartosz Walter Software Engineer and Experienced Researcher

Cuchnące testy. Systematyka, objawy, leczenie

Piotr Wicherski
Piotr Wicherski Senior Mobile Software Test Engineer

Jak przypadkiem wpadłem w (mobile) TestOps

The Schedule



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08:45 - 09:30 The Entrance PTaQ team and volunteer

The Opening

A short welcome from The Conference Board

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09:30 - 09:45 Room: CW2 Ground Floor, English The Conference Board
Leszek Tasiemski

Cybersecurity challenges AD 2019

Defender's point of view at the state of cyber security in early 2019. Attackers are continuously evolving, coming up with new attack techniques and so are defenders. Where are we now in that arms race? How does corporate cyber security relate to the privacy issues? Is AI an answer to the growing complexity of the attack landscape combined with the shortage of skilled workforce or will AI rather become yet another attack vector - also one insanely difficult to protect. Let's have a look at all of this and consider whether today's protection and validation methods can protect us against tomorrow's threats.

Leszek Tasiemski - is a VP of B2B R&D at F-Secure. Responsible for building Rapid Detection Center and the technology behind the business cyber security solutions portfolio of F-Secure. He has many yeasrs of experience in performing penetration tests and forensic analyses, mainly for the European financial sector. Enthusiast and implementator of Machine Learning applications in detecting cyber attacks. Graduated from Computer Science, Economics and MBA. Currently studying Psychology. Active as a mentor on start-up scene and a certified yoga teacher.

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09:45 - 10:30 Room: CW2 Ground Floor - English Leszek Tasiemski (F-Secure)

The Closing

Please join us to say Thank You for Speakers, The Conference Board, Volunteers and Sponsors.
During the closing part we will give all of you more details about Afterparty

17:15 - 17:30 Room: CW2 Ground Floor, English The Conference Board

The Afterparty

The Afterparty takes place at NaPiwek Pub, Wodna 12. Travel Guire here

19:00 - 24:00 Wodna 12, Poznań The Conference Board
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Meet Our conference board

What Conference Board Says About The Confernce?

As a participant of PTAQ meetups since the first one and as a researcher focused on reqs and software quality always eager to broaden my knowledge and skills, I warmly invite you to take part in our conference because it’s an opportunity to:
1. Hear about some new ideas
2. Get new perspectives on already known topics
3. Talk to people with similar interests
4. Have fun!
Let’s meet at PTAQ Day One at Poznan University of Technology!

Sylwia Kopczyńska

Researcher, PhD Candidate
at Poznan University of Technology

Diversity and New Ideas. I am sure that everyone meets both of them at our conference. We prepare for you not only what Poznań has the best but invited recognized speakers from all Poland or even abroad. Of course, we do not forget about networking, when you have organized 60 meetups, you understand how important it is.

Zbyszek Moćkun

Global Head of QA Practice
at Cognifide

Why is worth to come?
In my opinion, is worth coming to our conference because we invited a lot of famous and competent specialists. It's a chance to learn something new. Also, I like conferences because it’s always a chance to get to know new people. I recommend our conference because it’s for everyone who is interested in broadly defined software testing.

Michał Ślęzak

Software Developer in Test

When we started organizing the conference, we decided to put into practice all these good things that we apply in our daily job i.e. engagement, simplification and some fun. Thanks to this, I am happy to invite you to the event with a variety of topics, to the event where the community has been always in the first place.

Aleksander Lipski

IT Expert
at Roche

Based on the experience we gained within many years organizing almost 60 PTaQ meetups I think it's the time to gather and spend more time together at the same day. The only way to do this is a conference. I am pretty sure that you will find here something interesting for you. Hoping that we will start something bigger (finally in Poznań!) and you can help us building that together.

Robert Grześkowiak

Lead Quality Engineer
F-Secure Corporation


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Lecture Center of
Poznań University of Technology
Piotrowo 2 street, Poznań,
60-965, Poland

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